Audiovox was founded in 1965 by Mr. John J. Salam. This is an electronics company that specializes in the production of consumer goods such as mobile phones and other related devices. Its headquarters are based in Hauppauge, New York.

As the business grew, the need to create divisions to enhance efficiency became inevitable. After the split, the company performance improved to an extent that by the end of 1993, it had sold over one million handsets across the world, with most of them in the United States of America. A school homework is important to explain why it has been dominating the US markets and failing to replicate the same in other markets outside the US. Some of the other products that the company has managed to manufacture ever since its inception include the, Mac Audio, Code Alarm, and Oehlbach.

Its mobile phones are still not moving in the markets unlike other products and therefore to researchers, a buy assignment is important to explain this. The company projects that by 2013, they will be managing to sell over 6 million handsets throughout the world. If such a case is possible, then the company would have become one of the market leaders in the telephone making industry. Setting a target is a very simple affair and therefore the company needs to carry out a thorough research on what people are in need of before they can proceed and start producing these phones. Its mobile phones include the Audiovox PPC 4100   and the Audivox CDM 180 .